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Agape: Actors Neil Carr and Mark Noel are two fresh and exciting new entries into the scene of urban action features, spinning out of the new wave of internet series "Agape the Black Soap Opera".  The webisode series, widely considered the only Black Soap Opera recently produced is a pivotal moment in internet history.  A cross section of distinguished scenes of action, drama, and entertainment weave fourteen interlocking sequences that reveals the life of Eric Printer's journey into the world of street drugs and trying to protect his neighborhood from drug king pin Salencio.


Agape:  Directed by Harold B. Pritchett who brings an impressive shooting style and marketing strategy to the project which has caused heads to turn as web viewers click onto this internet visual novel.   Now a feature film "Agape" has built its own brand of viewers, a name for itself and a large audience that await the features release. 


"Agape" the movie is narrated by Paul Benjamin.


As an internet series "Agape" was selected by viewers from around the world as their choice of entertainment.  When the first webisode hit the internet, college students copied the embeded codes, pasted scenes on their websites and emailed it to friends around the world.  This caused a flood of people to look for more webisodes of "Agape".   Soon websites jumped on the band wagon and "Agape" started appearing on websites in:




United Kingdom




And over 36 countries

Internet users started collecting the webisodes and blogging them to each other.  In over 36 countries "Agape" channels were created.  The local press started writing about the series and articles started appearing on the internet about "Agape".  To date there are over 300,000 fans around the world that have watched "Agape" and growing.


Agape started appearing in all the search engines used on the internet along side of Harold B. Pritchett's screen name hbpy2k over 50,000 links to websites and "Agape" scenes have been found.  (Google: hbpy2k) "Filmmakers should be using the internet to promote and create turnkey movies" Pritchett says.  "This will make marketing easy for distributors because there will be an internet fan base that has already begun to appreciate your work."


By using and developing different internet promotion strategies Pritchett could post a promotional scene and within hours it would appear in over 1000 websites around the world and every search major engine listed under hbpy2k. 

"You can create a series just like the networks - broadcast and sell DVDs.  Look at programs like The Cosby Show, the Simpsons, the Sopranos all of these programs appear on television everyday and there is still a DVD market for them, why?  Because people want to own the programs so they can watch them when they want, where they want, and in the best quality.  These DVDs become gifts, collections, or late night movies with family or friends.  This is the new age of media.  Promotion on the internet is the same as promotion anyplace else. 

Any film that has a trailer on the internet should be seen around the world even if the traffic does not visit your website.  It must still be seen!  You must build a brand name for your project and you must do the work.  Viewers created channels for "Agape" on:

NEIL CARR, is a native of Los Angeles, California but was raised in Wilmington, Delaware. He is a 1998 graduate of Howard High School of Technology where he focused his education in television production. He later went on to pursue a Bachelors of Arts Degree from Delaware State University majoring in Television Production.

He currently wears several hats but still always finds his way back to his true love which are acting and the producing. He has graced the stages and sets of several projects and events since his humble beginnings. Neil has had leading roles in several productions such as "Through My Eyes" "Three Church Mothers and a Funeral" and "Strive". He showcased his talent in the hit play "The Dreamer" alongside the great talent Shirley Murdock and can be seen playing the lead role in his latest motion picture project "Agape".

Neil has not only made a name for himself in the acting community, he is fast becoming an industry favorite in the modeling and fashion world. He has been contracted to model for such events as "The Bronner Brother Fashion Showcase", "New York Urban Fashion Week", The Charlie Mack Celebrity Fashion Show" and "The Philadelphia Fashion Expo" to name a few. He is also an "official" model for the "Nostic" brand which is owned and operated by Jim Jones of The Diplomats and Family.

MARK NOEL, was born in Wilmington, Delaware in 1980.  He attended Wilmington High School after which he went to on to pursue the Cosmetology field.  Mark got his first taste of acting at the age of nine when he played one of the 3 kings in a church play.  His second role came to him at the age of twelve and he was called to play a bird for a children's story book.  By the age of nineteen he started modeling in various local shows.   This is Mark's first role for the camera, he took the role of "Salencio" and explored the depth of himself to find the outstanding performance that comes to the screen.


Where is the value

Of This

Independent Film Produced

Without a box office star?

Is it the story?

The camera shots?

The sound track?



In today's market it is the internet fan base!

Over 300,000 viewers worldwide

Over 50,000 internet links

More than 34 countries

Listed on websites in over 12 languages

Growing Everyday!

And ready to go!



The film "Agape", shot in digital video, endeavors to set in motion the limits of low-budget independent filmmaking.  "The future is here!" explains Pritchett. "This is now the time for making films that can be seen by thousands of internet users. Once the promotional scenes have been viewed by internet users, the way has been paved to have your project sold to an established fan base." Pritchett says.

Providing a very dynamic commercial approach of the market with a powerful story enables "Agape" to be a turnkey project with the capability of brand recognition.





The Internet Visual Novel

Now on DVD

Agape means unconditional love, which is what Eric Printer has for his crack addicted sister, her children, his wife and his mother.  He learns what Agape (unconditional love) is, as he struggles to care for his sister's children and fight against the drug dealers who sell poison on the streets.

Agape shows the personal relationships between family members who's life has spun out of control because of street drugs.  Agape reveals the emotional and moral conflicts that affect the children of addicted parents.  Like most soap operas Agape follows the lives of a group of characters who live and work in the city of Wilmington, Delaware. 

Agape centers around the ongoing struggles between Eric Printer and the drug dealing gangs, who sell crack on his block.  This story is told from the point of view of Eric, who struggles with overwhelming family problems because his thirty year old sister is addicted to crack.  The focus is on the effects a drug addicted mother has on her children.

Although this movie has a focus on crime, it is really about the lives of people in many American cities.  No matter where you live in this country your life will be effected by the drugs brought into America and sold on our streets.  Eric is up against the drug dealers by himself, he feels many people do not care to attack the problem with real solutions. They just look the other way.  Now a big time drug dealer wants to take over the city, which makes things even worst. 

Agape is a realistic portrayal of urban life and uncommonly deep exploration of the sociological themes.  Many actors on the cast say that Agape has "hit a nerve" and that they themselves knew real-life counterparts of many of the characters.

Watching Agape is like watching a visual novel about urban life. 

Eric learns that unconditional love is not an uncontrolled reaction of the heart, but a concentrated exercise of will.


The four P's of "Agape".

Product - Price - Place - Promotion

Product:  "Agape" has a running time of one hour and sixteen minutes.

Genre: Urban Action

Narrated by Paul Benjamin

Benjamin is most proud to have worked with some of the most talented artists in his
profession. For his first co-starring role in the film, "Across 110th Street," Anthony Ouinn is
quoted in the Hollywood Reporter to say that "he considers him to be the most talented actor
since Brando." Other noted films include, "Do the Right Thing," by Spike Lee; "Hoodlum," by Bill Duke with Lawrence Fishburne; "Leadbelly," by Gordon Parks with Roger Mosley; "Escape from Alcatraz," with Clint Eastwood; "Rosewood," by John Singleton with Esther Rolle, Ving, Rhames, Don Cheadle and Jon Voight; and "Gideons Trumpet," with Henrv Fonda.

Noted television productions include, "The Atlanta Child Murders." with Morgan Freeman, Ruby Dee and James Earl Jones; "I Know Why the Cage Bird Sings," Maya Angelou's autobiography with Dianna Carroll; "The Education of Sonny Carson," with Mary Alice & Horn Clanton; "The Invisible Man," a PBS Special; "ER;" "Law & Order;" and "In the Heat of the Night" for which the latter two an Emmy nomination was mentioned.

With acknowledgement to his writing, Mayor Tom Bradley presented him with a Commendation from the City of Los Angeles for his play, "Carrier," for which Paula Kelly won the 1982 NAACP Image Awards for Best Actress. She, along with Mr. Benjamin and the great actor/poet Roscoe Lee Browne, received Certificates of Recognition from Sen. Diane Watson for performances in the same play.     

Today, Paul Benjamin continues to act and write with a passion.








Urban action movies produced and developed on the internet one day will be the norm.  This is where you can test your product and your audience.  The goal of "Agape" was to expose people around the world to the storyline, build and maintain a preference for our actors and product within the target markets.  The cross-over appeal would build a mutually profitable and sustainable relationship with our customers.  This can be seen in the amount of growing viewers "Agape" has received daily.  It was possible to accomplish this growing trend by reading the emails and comments left by viewers.  Making adjustments and moving on toward what appealed to our target market.  Thus, viewer ship picked up in 36 countries and the project was never translated to another language.  

After over 7,000 viewers on several websites in Germany it was determined that many people in Europe wanted to watch the American action drama "Agape". We set out to expand and now cover most European countries.   The ground work has been laid for corporate marketing.

Using the internet to identify our market was the most cost effective way to produce media and reach our target market before a distribution deal with any corporation.  "Agape" is a picture that has legs for the new distribution era we find ahead of us.  Foundations can be formed to qualify the projects for distribution channels that will produce partnering alliances, franchising or any number of conduits to the market.  We believe we have found the ‘easy-to-sell' form.  That will drive traffic to the video stores and to the website.

To find the websites that carry "Agape" - Google: hbpy2k

More than 50,000 links will appear and everyone will connect you to "Agape" promotional videos around the world.

Currently we are producing another series which will be ready for DVD in ten days.  The "Beachwood Drive" project has jumped way ahead of "Agape" is less than six weeks.  This is do to the fact that strategically placed promotion spots are free on the internet.

Google: Agape Trailer  - - or  - - Google: Beachwood Drive Trailer

We have developed a strategic marketing plan that will challenge other filmmakers of independent projects to attempt to follow -  because "Agape" started promotion before it was released, competing against its competitors in a market place.  In particular, "Agape" aims at generating a competitive advantage relative to its competitors in their own country and in America. 

Our projects execute operational marketing functions to attract and keep customers.  Our goal is to maximize the value derived for them, as well as to satisfy the customer with action packed entertainment that will meet their expectations. 


By the promotion and marketing techniques used to gain a competitive advantage as an independent filmmaker for "Agape" the project is in a position against its competitors, with two advantages. 

Cost advantage and differentiation advantage.

Cost advantage occurs when "Agape" delivers the same entertainment value as other independent features but at a lower cost.  Differentiation advantage occurs when "Agape" delivers a greater number of customers for the same price of its competitors.  Giving "Agape" positional advantages, because of Agape's position on the internet as a leader in web viewer ship and brand recognition.

"Agape" possesses a sustainable competitive advantage because its value-creating processes and position cannot be duplicated or imitated by other filmmakers at this point in time. 

Check any title of any independent film and you will not find half as many websites or links to their promotional trailers/spots as you find with "Agape". 


Place or placement refers to how "Agape" gets to the customer, for example point of sale in retail stores or on the internet.  We are not talking about one or the other "Agape" is strong enough with geographic regions around the world for both.

This is the missing link to taking advantage of internet marketing for films.  "Agape" will not only drive web traffic full of retailers looking for "Agape" but sales of other films will improve as well.  Placement in retail store is always at a premium product recognition and brand will assist in product placement.

Promotion: Potential customers perceive greater risk when deciding whether to buy a film when they have not seen the trailer.  To reduce the feeling of risk, thus improving the chance for success, it is often vital to insure that potential customers view trailers when they are open/vulnerable to accept entertainment.  This happens when they are looking for it just surfing the net.



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